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Our vision is to be the community's premier veterinary team, offering exemplary medical and non-medical services to our animal companions.



At EverVet Veterinary Clinic,

our aim is to treat all our clients and their animals

with the respect and compassion they deserve.


We strive to provide professional medical and non-medical care for our clients and their animal companion while educating and empowering our clients so that they can provide the best quality of life for their animal companions.


EverVet Veterinary Clinic was set up with these four core values in mind.

1. Compassion- We firmly believe in showing compassion and being receptive to our clients' various needs for their beloved pets.

2. Integrity and Honesty- We strive to preserve high moral and ethical standards, are always looking for ways to make our goods and services better while being completely transparent with our customers.

3. Teamwork- We understand the value of cooperating and playing to each other's strengths. Whether they are veterinarians or support personnel, each team member is equally crucial. Everyone collaborates with one thing in mind, the benefit of our patients' welfare.

4. Lifelong Learning- For the team to deliver the finest clinical experience to our clients and patients, we feel that each member's personal and professional growth is paramount.

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